Foreign Minister Meets Pakistani Prime Minister and Discusses with Him the Steps Taken to Develop Bilateral Relations between the Two Countries in Various Fields

On Thursday, August 12,2021, the Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, met with Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, and they discussed ways to strengthen and develop bilateral relations between the two countries on issues of common interest, most importantly the security aspect, in order to achieve the common interest of the two friendly countries. The two sides discussed the upcoming visit of the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, to Islamabad. 

The Minister touched on Iraqi’s vision for a more stable region, referring to the orientations of the Iraqi foreign policy based on taking initiative, interaction, and cooperation, and strengthening dialogue with neighbouring countries, addingthat Iraq supports the language of dialogue and negotiation to find constructive and sustainable solutions satisfy all parties, and Iraq is making significant efforts to hold a conference of Iraq’s neighbouring countries in Baghdad to support Iraq and settle conflicts to avoid their repercussions on security in Iraq and the region, stressing that the elections are very important for the stability and future of Iraq, and for consolidating thedemocratic foundations  through the public confidence , and there is international support for monitoring the elections in order to enhance the level of transparency and voter confidence in the electoral process.

For his part, the Pakistani Prime Minister commended the evolving relationship between the two friendly countries, and ways of developing them, stressing his country’s support for the Iraqi government in its war against extremist terrorism, and its efforts to build the state and combat corruption, praising the courage and bravery of the Iraqi military institution in its fight against the terrorist organization “ISIS”,stressing that this organization and its danger is still existed, and it is necessary to continue joint action to defeat it,announcing his support for Iraqi initiative to hold a meeting of neighbouring countries, lauding this important initiative, especially in these sensitive circumstances that the region is going through at. 

The two sides discussed the Afghan security and political situation, and views were exchanged in this regard.