Minister of Foreign Affairs Delivered Iranian President Invitation letter from Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kadhimi

On Tuesday, August 10, 2021, Foreign Minister FuadHussein conveyed a letter of invitation from Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kazemi to the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ibrahim Raisi to attend the “Iraqi Neighboring Countries Conference”.

The Minister stressed that the “Iraqi Neighboring Countries Conference” is being held in the context of arrangements aimed at supporting the political process and economic growth of Iraq.

The importance of strengthening cooperation relations between the two current countries was also discussed. The Minister expressed hope for more cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran to serve the interests of the two countries, affirming that the consolidation of security in the region will not be achieved without the participation of Iraq’s neighboring countries.

For his part, President Raisi described the Iraqi government’s initiative as a “bless step”, and that Iran considers dialogue between the countries of the region in the context of addressing issues and improving relations between them, as a step towards strengthening regional security and stability.