Minister of Foreign Affairs Calls for Integration and Cooperation between Executive and Legislative Powers

H.E. the Foreign Minister, Fuad Hussein, called for the importance of achieving integration and fruitful and constructive cooperation between the legislative and executive powers in the interest of the Iraqi people.

This came in the hosting which was called by the Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives, which was attended by the Minister. Several files were touched upon, which the Parliamentary Committee considers the importance of discussing them with the Minister and providing clarifications about them. The Minister presented a full explanation of these files, as well as he spoke about outcomes of the sessions of the strategic dialogue with Washington, touching on the ministry’s policy within directions of the government platform, and the national constants of Iraq.

He reviewed the premises and priorities of foreign policy at this stage, which are based on balance and achieving common interests, emphasizing that the ministry aims to establish and deepen Iraqi relations based on common interests and risks, stressing the need for complementary action, formulation ofthe national diplomatic performance, and continuous consultation between the executive and legislative powerscontributing to strengthening Iraq’s relations.

In the internal matter, H.E. the Minister revealed that the Ministry has made efforts to elevate its reality further, statingthat the Ministry has doubled its efforts; with the aim of reform, preparing high-level diplomatic staff, and working to unify mechanisms to support the Iraqi community, and follow up on their needs, noting that efforts are continuing to develop the consular work; to contribute to providing services to citizens at home and abroad.

It is worth noting that this hosting comes out of concern formaintaining the relationship between the ministry and the parliamentary committee, and in order to brief the committee on the Ministry’s activities, political developments, in addition to clarifying the Ministry’s work.