Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to Cairo meets the Sheikh of Al-Azhar

The ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Cairo and its permanent representative to the League of Arab States, Dr. Ahmed Nayef Al-Dulaimi, met on Wendesday14/7/2021 the eminence of the Imam, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb. 

At the beginning of the meeting, his Eminence, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar praised Iraq’s ability to defeat terrorism and overcome many of the challenges it has gone through and steps it is taking occupy its leading position in the Arab environment as one of the most important pillars of Arab security, stressing that the honorable sheikhdom of Al-Azhar stands by all Iraqis in facing the challenges that target their unity, security and stability.

For his part, Mr. Al-Dulaimi stressed that Iraq needs the efforts of Al-Azhar AlSharif in the battle it is waging against terrorism and against attempts to fragment, adding that Al-Azhar’s voice reaches the hearts of Iraqi and all Muslims in the world because it is the voice of wisdom, reason and balance, and represents the essence of true Islam, praising the spirit of moderation of the eminence religious scholars of different sects, noting that the Iraqi government is working to strengthen unity among the Iraqi people establish relations with all Arab countries and neighboring countries, fight poverty, ignorance and backwardness, and achieve economic advancement and reconstruction, which all Iraqi aspire to. Mr. Al-Dulaimi also pointed out that Iraq is on the right path despite all the difficulties it faces, and with the unity of its people, it was able to defeat the terrorist gang of ISIS, conveying at the same time the greetings of the three Iraqi presidencies to the eminence and their wishes for good health. 

At the end of the meeting, the Sheikh of Al Azhar Al-Sharif, Dr. Al Tayeb confirmed that he will visit Iraq very soon, in response to the official invitations addressed to him.