Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Amman meets Chairman and members of the Jordanian-Iraqi Brotherhood Committee in the Jordanian Parliament

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Amman, Haider Al-Athari, met with the Chairman of the Jordanian-Iraqi Brotherhood Committee in the Jordanian Parliament, lawyer Abdul Karim Al-Daghmi, and members of the committee, to discuss bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries.

During the meeting, which was held in the House of Representatives, the Ambassador reviewed the developments of the tripartite summit that was held in Baghdad on June 27, 2021, and its reflection on strengthening relations between the three brotherly countries, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt, especially in the field of security and combating terrorism, noting an agreement is scheduled to be concluded between the three countries in the agricultural field to enhance their food security.

Al-Athari confirmed that the tripartite summit paid attention to a number of strategic projects, especially the electrical interconnection, the joint industrial zone and the oil pipeline, in the event that these projects are completed, they will bring great benefit to all parties, indicating that Iraq encourages investment in it, as it needs to build hospitals, housing units and reconstruction projects, and the opportunities will be significant and promising for Egyptian and Jordanian investors.

With regard to parliamentary cooperation, Al-Athari said, Parliamentary cooperation and communication between the two countries is very important, and we are keen on continuous and fruitful communication with our brothers in Jordan, adding that the First Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Mr. Hassan Al-Kaabi, will visit Amman with some members of the Council in the near future, in response to the invitation addressed to him by the Jordanian Parliament.

The ambassador reiterated Iraq’s permanent and firm position throughout history on the Palestinian issue and work is underway to hold the Iraqi-Palestinian joint committee in Ramallah.