Minister of Foreign Affairs Delivers Iraq’s Speech at the Meeting of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS in Rome

Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein delivered Iraq’s speech at the meeting of the International Coalition to Defeat ISIS terrorist organization held in Rome, in which he praised the continuous support of the coalition countries to Iraq in the fields of combating terrorism, restoring stability and reconstructing the liberated areas in Iraq and training Iraqi forces.
The Minister stressed Iraqi government’s determination to end presence of these groups and achieve that common goal through continued cooperation with the countries of the international coalition, referring to the Government’s endeavor to strengthen the judicial system in a manner consistent with the international norms and principles of human rights, and Iraq’s obligations in relevant Security Council resolutions. He stressed the Iraqi government’s preparations for carrying out the upcoming elections on next month of October, and the importance of these elections for the future of Iraq.
The Minister thanked the countries that supported Iraq in the Security Council to strengthen monitoring the elections and to ensure integrity, pointing out to the Iraqi government’s concerns about the displaced and their voluntary return, pointing out to the ongoing national efforts to prevent terrorism from the Iraqi components, and stressing that the Iraqi Parliament has approved a law of the Yazidi women survivors.
At the conclusion of his speech, the Minister affirmed Iraq’s desire to continue working and cooperating with the international coalition to combat the terrorist organization ISIS and urged member states to continue their support in the field of capacity development, restoring stability and reconstruction, stressing importance of supporting Iraq’s sovereignty, and respect Iraqi laws. He praised the great role of the Iraqi forces, including the army, the Popular Mobilization Forces, the Peshmerga, the police, and all security forces.