Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union Hosts Foreign Minister, Mr. Fuad Hussein.

The Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union hosted the Foreign Minister, H.E. Mr. Fuad Hussein to discuss partnership and cooperation between Iraq and the EU countries as well as the political situation in Iraq and the region.

At the outset of his speech, Minister Hussien, thanked the European Union for its interest and serious contributions to support political stability in Iraq and to hold free and fair elections, to achieve good governance and sustainable economic and social development, commending the great efforts made by the member states of the EU.

The Minister stressed Iraq’s need for continued European support for Iraq to eliminate the remnants of terrorism and achieve stability and reconstruction throughout The country.

The Minister briefed the Council on the latest developments in the political situation in Iraq, the efforts to hold early parliamentary elections that are scheduled to take place this October, Iraq’s position on regional tensions, and the movement undertaken by Iraqi diplomacy to ease the existing crises.

The Minister also stressed the utmost importance that Iraq attaches to partnership and cooperation with the EU countries and the steps taken to implement the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the two sides, commending the progress made in implementing the agreement, including the completion of meetings of sub-committees such as Human Rights and Democracy Committee,Trade and Investment Committee, and Energy and Transport Committee, adding that Iraq is to hold a meeting of the Cooperation Committee at the level of deputy minister in preparation for the convening of the Partnership Council at the ministerial level, calling on the EU countries to increase their support for Iraq at the level of economic sectors, especially in the field of governance and good governance and in the field of financial reforms.

In the interventions of the foreign ministers of the EU countries, they affirmed their unlimited support for Iraq at all levels, including support for Iraq’s efforts to hold early parliamentary elections next October and to send a European election observation mission at the request of the Iraqi government. They also commended the steps taken by the two sides and supporting Iraq in its efforts to resolve outstanding issues, including removing its name from the list of high-risk countries in the field of money laundering and combating terrorist financing.