Foreign Minister Meets Arab Ambassadors Accredited to Madrid

During his current visit to Madrid Foreign Minister, Mr. Fuad Hussein and his accompanying delegation met with the Arab ambassadors accredited to Madrid, The minister delivered a speech in which he explained Iraq’s foreign policy and the axes pursued by Iraq focusing on achieving balance in relations, non-interference in internal affairs and the principle of good neighborliness.

Mr. Hussein touched upon the Iraqi government preparations to hold elections next October , and explained the existing challenges facing the Iraqi government, including corona virus pandemic, its economic repercussions, fighting the remaining gangs of the terrorist organization ISIS and the reconstruction of the liberated cities, referring to the remarkable success achieved by the Iraqi government in this regard.

In the meeting views were exchanged with Arab ambassadors and current issues were discussed.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Adel Mustafa Kamel, the Iraqi Ambassador in Madrid and members of the embassy