Foreign Minister Calls on the League of Arab States to Send Observers to Monitor the Progress of the Upcoming Electoral Process

Foreign Minister, H.E. Mr. Fuad Hussein delivered the speech of the Republic of Iraq at the consultative meeting of Arab foreign ministers held on 15 June 2021 in Doha, in which he emphasized Iraqi government’s efforts to prepare for a meeting aiming at alleviating the situation in the region, which would positively effect the internal situaion in Iraq, with the participation of all neighboring countries, Arab and Islamic countries, in addition to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Minister urged the brothers in the neighboring countries, the GCC and Egypt to participate widely in this upcoming meeting, stressing that the contribution to it is evidence of the keenness of Iraq’s brothers to achieve its security and political stability, especially with internal and regional challenges, and that Iraq and the region need to create an appropriate dialogue environment to address the most important issues and challenges facing Iraq, noting that part of the internal problems in Iraq are a reflection of the regional-regional, and regional-international conflicts.
He added that Iraq is on the path of an important electoral process; thus as a gesture of pride, Iraq requests the League of Arab States to send observers to monitor the progress of the upcoming electoral process, in line with a similar request submitted to the UN Security Council.
Regarding the Palestinian cause, the Minister stressed that Iraq supports all the efforts of the Arab brothers in resolving this issue, and particularly appreciates the important role of the brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Qatar in their efforts that resulted in a ceasefire in Gaza and calming the situation in the Palestinian territories, stressing Iraq’s firm and principled position on the Palestinian cause and in support of all Arab and international resolutions that guarantee the full and undiminished rights of the Palestinian people.
In the issue of the Yemeni crisis, the Minister indicated that Iraq supports all efforts and initiatives aimed at ending this crisis, especially those proposed by the United Nations and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which call for a ceasefire and sitting at the dialogue table.
Mr. Hussein also renewed Iraq’s request for the return of Syria’s seat in the Arab League, pointing to the necessity and importance of consultation and dialogue with the Syrian government to reach the stability of Syria, especially since Iraq has long and open borders with it, and therefore the security and stability of Syria is important for Iraq and the region, not to mention the difficult humanitarian and economic situation the brotherly Syrian people are living in, which might represent a threat to Syria and the region that could not be addressed in the future.
The Minister expressed his thanks and gratitude to the brotherly State of Qatar, the Emir, the government and the people for the hospitality and for holding the work of these meetings.