Iraqi Ambassador to the Czech Republic Receives Mayor of Prague

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to the Czech Republic, Mrs. Sundus Omar Ali, received the Mayor of Prague, Mr. Ondřej Kolář at the embassy.

At the beginning of the meeting, the ambassador expressed her thanks to the mayor for his visit to the embassy, ​​and presented a brief overview of the values ​​and architectural elements of the embassy’s ancient building, which was erected in 1924. She touched on the ancient civilization of Iraq, and what Mesopotamia offered to humanity, in which the first cities were built, cuneiform writing and legal codes were used for the first time, in addition to inventions that constituted a fundamental change in human life in various fields, including agriculture, irrigation, astronomy, literature, medicine, culture, and art.
She spoke about the Iraqi community and its positive contribution to the Czech society, and about the great Iraqi poet Muhammad Mahdi Al-Jawahiri, who lived in Prague (6) from 1961 to 1986.
At the end of the meeting, she presented two gifts to the guest; the first one: Mr. Al-Jawahiri’s poem through which he gave a very beautiful description of Prague, and the second one was a portrait of the most prominent archaeological and historical sites of Mesopotamia, and concluded the meeting by inviting him to visit Baghdad.