Iraqi Embassy in Madrid Receives Delegation from the Ministry of Interior

Within the framework of joint coordination between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior to facilitate issuing documents of Iraqi citizens abroad, the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Madrid received a delegation of the Ministry of Interior/Passports Directorate, for the purpose of completing the paperwork of Iraqi residents in Spain by issuing passports on 23 May 2021.

This comes within the framework of the embassy’s keenness to providing the best consular services, as Ambassador Dr. Adel Mustafa Kamel confirmed that the Iraqi embassy in Madrid through the consular section is working diligently to reduce time and efforts for the Iraqi community and facilitate their paperwork related to their passports through the delegation coming from Baghdad, as well as other measures in the near future that contribute in solving the obstacles facing the Iraqi community and alleviating a long distance travel in light of the current situation after the outbreak of the epidemic. The consular section of the embassy witnessed a regular attendance of the Iraqi community according to the pre-reservation system which leads to an organized work with a large number of Iraqis coming to the embassy due to the cooperation efforts between the delegation of the Ministry of Interior and the members of the embassy.