Minister of Foreign Affairs Gives a Lecture at National Defense University for Higher Military Studies

Foreign Minister, H.E. Mr. Fuad Hussein gave a lecture entitled “Iraqi foreign policy in light of regional and international environment variables” at the National Defense College (NDC) of Defense University for Higher Military Studies, in Baghdad attended by Staff Lieutenant General Saad Mizher Mohsen Al-Alaq, President of the University, and Marine Major General Ahmed Omran Abd al-Janabi, Dean of the College , Major General Pilot Aqeel Mustafa Mahdi, scientific assistant to the president of the university, and a number of university officers, soldiers, and students at the NDC Course No. (24).
During his lecture, the Minister affirmed that the Foreign Ministry is working tirelessly to establish relations with all countries of the world in accordance with the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, away from the policy of axes. He also indicated that there is a mutual influence between Iraq’s internal security, regional and global situation, therefore, the ministry has always been working in a way that preserves Iraq’s sovereignty and security.
H.E. referred to the tension in the region, and the polarizations facing the map of international relations, however, Iraq rebuilt its relations on the basis of common interests and common threats, stressing that Iraq has maintained respectful neighborly relations, indicating that what binds Iraq to the countries of the region in particular, and the countries of the world in general is a number of interests of economic nature in addition to an important international strategy, which is facing common risks, including terrorism.
H.E. also dealt with points of interest in the field of foreign relations, and Iraq’s positions on issues of common concern, including crises in some Arab countries, and Iranian-American tension.