Iraqi Permanent Representative to the United Nations: The ISIS Period Requires Persistent Efforts and Further International Cooperation

The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations, H.E. Ambassador Mohammad Bahr Aluloom participated in the Security Council session held to discuss the latest briefing by Mr. Karim Khan, head of the United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by Da’esh/ISIL (UNITAD)
Mr. Bahr Aluloom said that the stage after defeating ISIS terrorist groups militarily requires vigorous and intensive efforts and more international cooperation in handling the devastation caused by ISIS terrorism, stressing that ensuring that those involved, supporters and financiers of terrorist operations are pursued through national and international legal mechanisms in order to ensure that these terrorist organizations do not emerge again.

Mr. Bahr Aluloom emphasized the importance and necessity for Iraq to obtain the results of the investigations and the evidence that the investigation team collected throughout the previous period in Iraq, because the Iraqi people are the main victims of the acts and crimes of ISIS in Iraq, thus; the work of the (UNITAD) team is in accordance with full respect to the sovereignty of Iraq, its jurisdiction over the crimes committed on its territory and the rights of its citizens, praising the progress made in the team’s work and the distinguished cooperation between (UNITAD) and the Iraqi government represented by the Coordination Committee, which contributed to the support of the team’s work during the past years of its mission.
He added that the Iraqi government is working to make the necessary legal preparations to use the evidence after receiving it from the international investigation team before national courts, in order to enhance its legal and judicial liability.
H.E. pointed out that the Iraqi Council of Representatives has made the first reading of the draft law of the Iraqi Criminal Court for the crimes of ISIS members in preparation for its legislation, which would ensure the use of evidence before the Iraqi judiciary.