Deputy Head of Europe Department Meets Advisor to Head of (NATO) Mission in Iraq

The Deputy Head of the Europe Department, Mr. Wissam Walid Al-Qaisi, met at the Foreign Ministry’s headquarters, Mr. Asif Amin, advisor to the Head of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) mission in Iraq.
The two sides touched upon the depth of the strategic relationship and joint cooperation, especially in the field of training for the Iraqi security forces, which dates back to the year 2004, as it contributed to raising the capabilities and competence of the Iraqi army and police, and the mission’s continued efforts to provide the necessary training and assistance to the Iraqi security forces in their fight against ISIS terrorist groups, as well as the work to develop special strategies in the fields of combating terrorism within a cooperation initiative between the two sides.
In the end, the two sides discussed ways to develop the relationship between the NATO mission and Iraq in a way that guarantees security and stability.