Iraqi Chargé D’Affairs in Baku Meets Azerbaijani Minister of Energy

The Chargé D’Affairs in Baku, Mr. Mekki Resan Al-Mamouri, met with the Minister of Energy of Azerbaijan Parviz Shahbazov.
During the meeting, bilateral cooperation between Iraq and Azerbaijan in the field of oil and gas was discussed, and Mr. Al-Mamouri affirmed the depth of the historical relations between the two friendly and brotherly countries at all levels, whether cultural, religious or political, in addition to the commonalities between Iraq and Azerbaijan. They also discussed the outcomes of the meetings conducted by the Iraqi parliamentary delegation during its recent visit to Azerbaijan, as they contribute to initiating prospects for joint cooperation, and that Iraq seeks to develop economic relations and increase the volume of trade exchange. During the meeting, the draft memorandum of understanding proposed by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil to its Azerbaijani counterpart and amendments in the text were proposed to be ready for signature at the nearest possible convenience. Iraq’s keenness to discover new prospects for cooperation in the field of oil, gas, and investment was expressed and the meeting of the Iraqi-Azerbaijani Joint Committee and its role in developing bilateral relations was reviewed, in addition to Iraq’s endeavor to recognize the Azerbaijani Oil and Gas University that has a scientific history that exceeds a hundred years, and a number of Iraqi students graduated from it during the Soviet rule.
For his part, Mr. Shahbazov referred to the common history between Iraq and Azerbaijan, the historical and fraternal ties between the two peoples, and explained that his country highly appreciates the recent visit of the Iraqi parliament delegation to Baku, and that Azerbaijan is looking forward to future high-level visits between the two countries, and that his country’s government seeks to develop bilateral relations between the two countries. He also referred to the importance of holding joint committee meetings and signing agreements and memoranda of understanding as it is the legal framework that contributes to strengthening and developing bilateral relations, and confirmed that the Ministry of Energy readiness to study any proposal in the field of oil and gas submitted by Iraq, and that the ministry received a draft MoU proposed by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil, and sent it, with proposed amendments, to the Azerbaijani Ministry of Justice to complete its legal formalities.
He also expressed appreciation to the role of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil in sending the proposal of the MoU as it is the first step in increasing cooperation, adding that he will follow up personally and in coordination with the Azerbaijani Minister of Education on the issue of Re-recognition of Azerbaijani universities, including the University of Oil and Gas,
Noting that energy ministry, after signing the proposed memorandum of understanding, will establish a council of experts between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Iraq, including experts in the field of oil and gas from both sides, and they will have a role in developing the oil and gas sector in the interest of the two countries.