Iraq and Pakistan Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Capacity Building, Diplomatic Training, and Strengthening of Joint Cooperation

The Undersecretary for Political Planning, Dr. Salih Hussain Ali Al-Tamimi, in his capacity as acting Dean of the Foreign Service Institute, signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation between the Institute and the Pakistani Foreign Service Academy, in a high-level ceremony in the presence of the Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Makhdoom Shah Qureshi and senior officials of the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
On behalf of the Pakistani side, the director general of the Pakistan Foreign Service Academy signed the above-mentioned MoU.
The MoU provides a framework for cooperation to build capacities, train diplomats from both countries, and enhance joint cooperation in this field.
Mr. Al-Tamimi praised the levels achieved by this academy and the qualitative development it reached in several areas, stressing the keenness to enhance joint cooperation in many areas of training, such as building knowledge through scientific curricula that today constitute the main diplomatic pillar towards understanding reality of where the world is going in light of the acceleration of its decision-making steps.
He also pointed to the advantage of the importance of establishing many applied programs for the two countries, which raise the quality of the scientific aspect in the level of diplomatic work and the related protocol obligations, and various mechanisms in dealing with world diplomats at all levels.