Foreign Minister Attends Session on Geopolitical Implications on World Order Post-COVID-19

Foreign Minister, H.E. Mr. Fuad Hussein, Undersecretary for Political Planning, Dr. Saleh Al-Tamimi, and Undersecretary for Legal Affairs and Multilateral Relations, H.E. Dr. Qahtan al-Janabi attended the dialogue session held by the Political Planning Department, in coordination with the Foreign Service Institute, on 6 April 2021 entitled ‘The Geopolitical Implications on World Order Post-COVID-19’.
The session included presenting important working papers by a group of high ranking diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The session also touched upon some insights on changes that occurred after the Corona pandemic, which clearly impacted the nature of International systems and the steps taken by superpowers in many regions in the world, especially the Middle East, and proposals on how Iraqi foreign policy can deal with these variables in a way to serves the national interests in accordance with the established methods in the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.