Ambassador of Iraq to Ottawa Participates in The Joint Economic Symposium

On 30 March 2021, the Ambassador of Iraq to Ottawa H.E. Dr. Wadih Bati participated in the virtual joint economic symposium held under the title (Iraq – New Opportunities for Canadian Companies), which was organized by the Canadian Arab Business Council in Canada (CABC), in cooperation with Iraqi embassy and the Canadian embassy in Iraq and its commercial offices in Baghdad, Erbil and Amman, with the participation of the Director General of Foreign Economic Relations, Mr. Adel Al-Masoudi, and the symposium was attended by a number of ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps accredited in Canada, in addition to a wide range of representatives of Canadian companies.
In his intervention, the ambassador referred to promising commercial and investment opportunities in the Iraqi markets, as well as investment incentives, exemptions and tax guarantees, stressing that the economy is the core and basis of bilateral relations between Iraq and Canada and that participation in trade and business on the basis of common interests is the most effective and sustainable way to ensure the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries, and concluded his intervention by inviting Canadian companies to enter the Iraqi market, stressing the embassy’s readiness to provide all necessary facilitations and support in the interest of both countries.
For his part, the Canadian ambassador, Mr. Ulric Shannon in Iraq, highlighted the opportunities available in Iraq, especially in Basra Governorate, while Mr. Al-Masoudi addressed the agreements and memoranda of understanding between the two countries and the need to reactivate and update them, reviewing the trade situation and some opportunities for Canadian companies and products in Iraq. In the end, he called on the private sector and the Canadian government to participate in the projects, tenders and exhibitions announced by the Iraqi Ministry of Trade.
The symposium also included a review of three Canadian companies about their success stories in the Iraqi market, as they indicated the nature of work and the advantages of trade in Iraq.
It should be noted that the symposium witnessed wide participation by representatives of companies, organizations and businessmen wishing to engage in the Iraqi market, in addition to business councils and Canadian chambers of commerce and industry, and the presence of officials from Canadian sectors and ministries working on international commercial and economic affairs.
The head of the economic file, third secretary, Mr. Mujahid Adel Shukr, participated in the symposium.