Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations Delivers Iraq’s Speech at the Conference on Disarmament

The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Ambassador Abdul Karim Hashem Mustafa, delivered Iraq’s speech at the plenary session of the Conference on Disarmament, held on 26 of March 2021, in which he renewed Iraq’s unwavering stances on the essential issues of the conference, and praised the efforts of this year’s conference president for presenting and discussing documents related to the work of the conference, while renewing Iraq’s position on the establishment of nuclear-weapon-free zones around the world as an important step towards eliminating nuclear weapons, especially the implementation of the Middle East resolution of the 1995 conference to review and extend the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, and in accordance with the action plan received in the Final Document of the 2010 Treaty Review Conference.
He also expressed Iraq’s readiness to actively participate in the second session of the conference on the establishment of a free zone of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East to be held during next November, considering this conference an important step towards achieving the goal of establishing the free zone in the Middle East.
It is worth noting that Iraq is the coordinator of the Group of 21 within the Conference on Disarmament, one of the regional groups, and its membership includes 33 member states participating in the conference.