Ambassador of Iraq to London participates in virtual symposium organized by the Covid 19 Committee in the Vatican in cooperation with the British SOAS College

Upon a joint invitation from the Vatican and SOAS College in London, the Ambassador of Iraq to London, H.E. Mr. Muhammad Jaafar Al-Sadr participated in the virtual symposium organized by the Covid 19 Commission and Promoting Integral Human Development in the Vatican, in cooperation with SOAS College on 23 March 2021 entitled “Promoting Integrated Disarmament in Times Pandemic”.
On the first anniversary of the joint initiative launched by the United Nations Secretary-General and Pope Francis for a global ceasefire, representatives of all religions and sects and academic researchers discussed efforts to consolidate a global ceasefire by halting the production and proliferation of weapons, and encouraging interfaith dialogue.
Ambassador Al-Sadr made an intervention in which he stressed the need to prevent the spread of weapons in the world, stressing the importance of the great His Holiness Pope’s historic visit to Iraq, raising his prayers there, and his historic meeting with Grand Ayatollah Imam Ali Al-Sistani, as it was not only a meeting between two spiritual leaders, but it opened horizons of communication and love between religions to create an atmosphere of peace and human coexistence on the planet.
The seminar was attended by the Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and a number of cardinals and bishops, and from the University of London Professor Dan Plesch, Head of the Department of International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS University of London, as well as researchers and parties interested in interfaith dialogue and disarmament, in addition to a representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations.