Embassy of Iraq in Ottawa sends consular delegations to nine cities in the East, Middle and West of Canada

The Embassy of Iraq in Ottawa dispatched consular delegations to nine cities in the East, Middle, and Western Canada after months of intensive work to provide various consular services to members of the Iraqi community in Canada.
The delegations worked in exceptional circumstances visiting the elderly people with special needs, especially, those who suffer from difficulty moving to finalize their papers at their homes, which spares them the difficulties of traveling long distances across Canadian cities in times of pandemic. Thousands of Iraqi community members benefited from the services provided by the delegations as part of the embassy’s endeavor to provide the best services to them. The total numbers of the consular documents completed by the embassy’s consular delegations reached (7188) documents.
The community members expressed their appreciation and pride for the leadership of the ministry, the embassy and its staff members for the services they provided, which in turn reflects the keenness of the embassy to reach out to its citizens.