Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Brussels Meets the Head of the Asia Department at the European Investment Bank

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Brussels, Mr. Sadiq Al-Rikabi, head of the negotiating delegation of the Republic of Iraq on concluding a framework agreement with the European Investment Bank, held a virtual meeting with the Head of the Asia Department, Mr. Edwards Pomestinas, and the relevant officials to the draft agreement at the European Investment Bank.
At the outset of the meeting, the head of the European side stressed the importance of Iraqi-European relations and the importance of investing all opportunities offered by the European Union to partner countries in various fields, especially since Iraq is the most prominent partner for the European Union that is now in the reconstruction phase, and that the European Investment Bank is one of the tools of the European Union to provide support to the partner countries and is ready to assist Iraq in the economic fields and provide its expertise to the Iraqi financial institutions.
The representatives of the bank indicated that they are ready to hold further rounds of negotiations in order to reach an acceptable agreement formula that satisfies both parties.
For his part, Mr. Rikabi clarified that the mission is in continuous contact with the relevant Iraqi authorities and that there are some issues and matters that require careful study by the Iraqi authorities, and that the mission will overcome all difficulties in order to reach a framework agreement between the two sides that guarantees the flow of European investments into Iraq in service of its welfare.