The Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs Calls his Chinese counterpart in Appreciation of the Support Provided by Beijing to Iraq to Fight Corona virus, and Invites him to Visit Iraq

On Friday 12 March 2021, Foreign Ministry ter of Iraq Mr. Fuad Hussein discussed over a phone call with his Chinese counterpart Mr. Wang Yi, the bilateral relations between the two countries and ways of enhancing them after reaching the stage of controlling the Coronavirus pandemic.
Mr. Hussein expressed his thanks and appreciation for the supportive stances of the Chinese government and people to Iraq along the history of relations between the two countries, the last of which was the granting of (50,000) doses of Corona vaccine to the Iraqi people, and in this regard, Mr. Wang said that it is the duty of the Chinese people to support the friendly Iraqi people and stated that the Chinese Government decided to send another (200,000) doses in the near future to Iraq as an additional grant to the one previously sent. Mr. Wang also noted that there is a big demand for the vaccine inside China and from other countries, nevertheless, expressed readiness to assist Iraqis as quoted “We are ready to meet the requirements of the Iraqi people.”
In turn, Mr. Hussein expressed the need for Iraq to purchase additional two million doses of the vaccines from China in the nearest possible time, and in response to this request, Mr. Wang said that the Chinese government will require the relevant company to arrange the application of purchase to be in batches, and start in April to send the first batch of the application. Subsequently, the two sides agreed to direct the diplomatic missions and the relevant health authorities to follow up the necessary measures to be taken towards achieving what has been agreed on.
In another aspect of the conversation, the two ministers discussed strengthening trade relations between the two countries and the role of Chinese companies operating in Iraq. Mr. Wang stressed that workers in Chinese companies did not leave Iraq despite the Corona pandemic, and their stay was for the sake of continuing the work in supporting the economy, especially in the field of oil.
The two ministers also discussed the situation in the region and the need to create a state of stability in it. Mr. Wang said that Iraq has an important role in the region due to its good and active policy and leadership, that enabled the country during this period to build good relations with all neighboring countries, and expressed relief to see Iraq ready and able to find solutions to standing issues in the region.
Mr. Hussein affirmed that Iraq’s internal stability is linked to stability in the regional environment which has a positive effect on the interior one.

In conclusion, Mr. Hussein extended an official invitation to his Chinese counterpart to visit Iraq in the near future.