Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein from Tehran: We have received positions of rejection and condemnation from senior political and security officials in Iran on the strikes that targeted sites in Baghdad, Erbil and Balad Air Force Base

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein visited the Islamic Republic of Iran today, February 27, 2021, accompanied by a delegation that included the Director of the Iraqi Trade Bank, Mr. Salem Al-Chalabi, the head of the Neighboring countries department at the Ministry’s headquarters, Mr. Ihsan Al-Awadi, and the Ministry’s spokesman, Mr. Ahmed Al-Sahaf.

During his visit, the Minister met with the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iran’s Supreme National Security Adviser Mr. Ali Shamkhani and Foreign Minister Mr. Muhammad Javad Zarif.

The Minister conducted in-depth dialogues that included several files related to bilateral relations and security, as well as dealing with developments in the regional and international situation and its implications for the security and stability of Iraq and the region.

During his meeting with Mr. Shamkhani, the Minister stressed the importance of joint action to enhance security and stability in the region and dependence on all that would reduce tension in order to achieve the concept of collective security.
Minister Fuad Hussein stated that Iraq is still facing Da’esh terrorist groups, and that any actions that harm the security and stability of Iraq will complicate the scene and distract from the priority of confrontation with Da’esh.

The Minister also presented the most important steps that the government has taken to facilitate banking transactions between the two sides, which is reflected in response to common interests.

On his part, Mr. Shamkhani expressed the Islamic Republic’s commitment to support Iraq towards all that is considered a threat to its security and sovereignty, and declared that the strikes that have hit various locations in Iraq recently by suspicious groups that harm the sovereignty of Iraq are the object of condemnation and rejection of the Iranian government.

The two sides discussed the Iraqi government’s preparations for holding the elections and touched on the strategic dialogue with Washington, as Baghdad is proceeding to achieve the desired interests in a way that enhances the interests of Iraq, and the Minister explained the results achieved from the previous rounds of dialogue and its impact on reducing the number of US forces.

The Minister pointed to the balance that Iraq enjoys which enabled it to take pivotal roles that enhances its security and sovereignty, and shares this balance with neighboring countries, expressing his thanks to the Iranian government and Mr. Shamkhani for the positions of rejection towards the strikes that affected the Green Zone in Baghdad, Erbil and the Balad air base.

In the context of his dialogue with his Iranian counterpart Mr. Muhammad Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein thanked the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s position in condemning the strikes that affected multiple sites in Iraq, noting that these actions do not serve the sovereign interests of Iraq.

The two sides also discussed the regional situation and the new relations it holds under the administration of the new president of the United States, while the two Ministers affirmed the continuation of consultations on all issues of common interest in order to achieve the interests of the two neighboring peoples.