Foreign Minister Calls for Strengthening Stability in the Region and Stresses the Importance of Sustained Efforts to Combat Terrorism during his speech

Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein gave the speech of Iraq at the emergency ministerial meeting of the League of Arab States on Monday 8/2/2021 in Cairo.

At the beginning of the speech, the Minister congratulated Mr. Sameh Shoukry, Foreign Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt on the occasion of Egypt’s presidency of the 154th regular session of the League of Arab States Council at the ministerial level.

Minister Fuad Hussein congratulated the brothers in the State of Libya on the occasion of announcing the results of the formation of the Executive Committee, which emerged from the Forum for Political Dialogue, and the Minister expressed his hope that this step would be a fruitful start to encourage stability and security factors in the State of Libya, expressing his blessing for the success of Al-Ula summit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and welcomed the return of relations to their normal framework between brothers.

Minister Fuad Hussein also expressed gratitude and appreciation for the positions of the brotherly Arab countries that made contacts and sent letters of condolence to the government and people of Iraq following the terrorist attack that targeted the capital Baghdad on 21/1/2021, causing dozens of martyrs and wounded.

Minister Fuad Hussein referred to the importance of strengthening the role of the Arab League in these circumstances, as it represents the comprehensive framework for joint Arab action, describing the Arab community as a regional power that has its influence and its distinguished position.

In his speech, the Minster also reviewed sensitive international and regional conditions, in a manner that requires action to ensure the interests and rights of the Arab peoples and to achieve security and stability for the region noting that recent months have witnessed many important events that have implications on the regional and international levels, the most prominent of which is the presence of a new US administration and stated that are looking forward with great interest to its possible directions towards issues of the Middle East region in general and Arab issues in particular.

In his speech, the Minister mentioned the importance of strengthening joint relations in a way that contributes to achieving peace and stability in light of the many crises that have afflicted the region during the past years, calling for strengthening cooperation in the field of combating terrorism in combination with the occurrence of terrorist attacks in various places, and in the context of relations with the United States Minister stated that we look forward to serious and constructive work with the new US administration to serve the interests of the two countries and to achieve a long-term strategic partnership based on mutual respect and to enhance the values ​​of cooperation in order to establish the desired security and stability.

Minister Fuad Hussein stated in his speech the importance of the Palestinian issue and Iraq’s steadfast position towards it and the need to support it by all means in a manner that guarantees the interests and aspirations of the brotherly Palestinian people by ensuring their legitimate rights, pointing to the framing of this right by the Palestinian leadership and its institutions as they represent the Palestinian people, looking forward to the formation of legislative and presidential elections of the Palestinian Authority, to be held in the middle of this year which is an important milestone towards achieving prosperity and stability for the brotherly Palestinian people.

During his speech, the Minister renewed Iraq’s position in support of the Syrian Arab Republic’s restoration of its membership in the Arab League, and work to unify positions and efforts in the current circumstances.

The Minister concluded his speech by thanking the fraternal Arab Republic of Egypt and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the initiative and invitation to this important and fruitful meeting, stressing Iraq’s steadfast position in promoting joint Arab action in a way that achieves the interests of all Arab peoples without exception.