Foreign Minister from Tehran: Our dialogues were realistic, the interests of our two countries were present, indicators of security and economy and awareness of common challenges at the regional level, with reliance on initiatives that enhance comprehensive security and lead to regional stability

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein led a delegation to the Iranian capital, Tehran, which included Judge Raed Juhi, Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, Director of the Iraqi Trade Bank Mr. Salem Al-Chalabi, and Head of the Neighboring Countries Department at the Foreign Ministry Mr. Ihsan Al-Awadi. The delegation also included a number of diplomats.

During his visit, the Minister met with the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, President Hassan Rouhani and the Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Muhammad Baqir Qalibaf, the Iranian National Security Adviser Mr. Ali Shamkhani and Foreign Minister Mr. Muhammad Javad Zarif.

The Minister conducted in-depth dialogues which included several files related to bilateral relations, security and combating terrorism, as well as the economy and energy, as well as dealing with developments in the regional and international situation and its implications for the region’s security and stability.

The Minister met with President Rouhani, and during the meeting they reviewed the relations between the two countries and ways to support them at all levels, and overcoming obstacles that obstruct common interests. The discussion in this meeting focused on economic relations in various fields, including electric energy and in the commercial and banking fields, and stated that both sides have obstacles to banking transactions and how to remove these obstacles. The minister referred to the strategic dialogue with Washington and that Baghdad is proceeding with it to achieve the desired interests in a way that reflects balance and stability for the region, explaining the impact of previous rounds of dialogue and its reflection on reducing the number of Us forces. Minister Fuad Hussein pointed out that Iraq enjoys a balance that allows it to assume pivotal roles in favor of many neighboring countries.

During his dialogue with Iranian counterpart, Mr. Muhammad Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein referred to the issue of the rail link between the two countries and its strategic importance in promoting transport and commodity exchange, and that serious steps have been taken by both sides in this regard, and the Minister mentioned to his Iranian counterpart the path that the government is adopting in Baghdad regarding the strategic dialogue started with the United States of America, pointing out: that the partnership between Baghdad and Washington is comprehensive in many aspects and is not limited to the military aspect only explaining that the number of US forces after it was 5,200, after the two rounds of dialogue, their number became less than 2,500. The minister also indicated that Baghdad is determined to overcome the obstacles that hinder joint action, especially with regard to the outcomes of the meetings of the Iraqi-Iranian joint committee and the implementation of memorandums of understanding between the two sides.

During his meeting with the Iranian National Security Adviser Mr. Ali Shamkhani, Minister Fuad Hussein stressed the importance of sustained coordination in the field of combating terrorism, and also touched on the most important challenges facing the region and the need to adopt the principles of dialogue and openness to initiatives that enhance the presence of all parties and contribute to affirming the principles of good neighborliness and the exchange of common interests.

Minister Fuad Hussein pointed to the positive relations enjoyed by Iraq that enable it to play a role that enhances security and stability in the region and contributes to relying on new options that will positively affect the peoples of the region.

During his meeting with the Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Mr. Muhammad Baqir Qalibaf, the Minister conveyed an invitation letter from the Speaker of the Representatives Council Mr. Muhammad Al-Halbousi, to Mr. Qalibaf to visit Iraq, indicating the depth of relations between the two countries and the challenges facing the region and ways to advance solutions conducive to strengthening stability.