US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to Foreign Minister of Iraq: We will continue to hold strategic dialogue between the two countries in the near future

A phone call was held between Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein and his US counterpart Mr. Anthony Blinken who stressed the importance of continuing discussions within the framework of the strategic dialogue between the two governments.

Secretary of State Mr. Blinken indicated that the new administration is interested in the bilateral relations between the two countries, and that the administration will continue the path that was reached in the previous rounds of “strategic dialogue”, and building on those results.

Secretary of State Mr. Blinken conveyed his condolences to the families of the victims of the two terrorist incidents in the capital Baghdad and Salah Al-Din Governorate, and stated that the US Administration strongly stands with the government and people of Iraq in fighting terrorism

On his part, Minister Fuad Hussein congratulated Secretary of State Mr. Blinken, on the occasion of his assuming this important position in the new administration, wishing him progress and success, and stressed the importance of starting dialogue, and the need to reach clear understandings in relations between Baghdad and Washington, in the context of strengthening ties and in the interest of Iraqi and US peoples.

The two sides also discussed a number of issues in the region and regional stability.

Mr. Fuad Hussein stated that the continuous efforts of the Iraqi government, headed by Mr. Mustafa Al-Khadimi, aim to divert tension from the Iraqi arena, pointing out that regional conflicts and international tensions between some countries in the region affect negatively the internal Iraqi situation, and from this point and in recognition of its dimensions, the Minister looks forward for joint action with his US counterpart and foreign ministers of some governments in the countries of Iraq’s geographical neighborhood to reduce tensions and conflicts on the regional environment, all of which require new understandings and permanent communication.

On his part, Secretary Blinken pledged to continue to work on ways to address the economic challenges facing Iraq , and helping Iraq enact fundamental economic reforms, and enhancing U.S.-Iraq commercial ties to the benefit of both countries and pointed to the coordination between the two governments regarding confronting the Covid-19 and discussed the security and political situation of the countries of the region and the role of the United States in it in the future.

At the end of the phone call, Secretary of State Mr. Blinken stressed the importance of communication, looking forward to a meeting with Minister Fuad Hussein in the near future.