Foreign Minister Meets with Head of European Union Mission in Iraq

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met with Mr. Martin Huth, Head of the European Union Mission and his deputy Mr. Jean Bernard, and Head of the European Union’s advisory mission in Iraq.

During the meeting, they discussed preparations for holding elections during this year as the Minister affirmed that the government is proceeding with conducting elections, which are one of the main objectives of the government program and stressed the government’s willingness to provide all the requirements that fall upon it, and to provide a safe environment for conducting fair elections that meet international standards.

The discussion took place on the steps taken by the Foreign Ministry regarding communication with international organizations and the United Nations, its support for the electoral process, inviting international observers to monitor it, And that the Ministry sent a first message on 18/11/2020 to the President of the Security Council regarding the request for electoral oversight and in the process of sending a second message at a later date.
On his part, Mr. Martin Huth confirmed the European Union’s support for the Iraqi elections in all its aspects, as a certain amount was allocated as financial support for the electoral process in Iraq, and that the electoral observation mission that the European Union will send consisting of (6) people will come from Brussels on 30/1/2021, and its mission will continue in Iraq for two weeks.