Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein: The upcoming elections must gain the confidence of the people

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met with Mr. Matthew Tueller, US Ambassador, Mr. Stephen Hickey, the British Ambassador, and Mr. Jean Noble, the French Chargé d’affairs, in the presence of representative of the United Nations, and representatives of the President of the Republic, Mr. Krikor Bakram and Mr. Karim Al-Tamimi, and Advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Abdul-Hussein Al-Hindawi, and director of the office of the Speaker of Council of Representatives , Mr. Mohamed Nouri.

Minister Fuad Hussein began his speech on ways to improve relations with Iraq’s partners and friends, and the importance of consulting on issues of common interest.
The Iraqi government’s decision to hold the elections on the specified date was also discussed, indicating that the government seeks to make the upcoming elections free and fair and gain the confidence of the people, and the Minister also referred to the Iraqi government’s letter to the United Nations to provide support and observers to hold the elections on time.

Minister Fuad Hussein called for a meeting with government experts to follow up the necessary steps and find a legal framework for the presence of international observers during the election period.
On their part, the Ambassadors of United States, UK, and the French Chargé d’Affairs, affirmed their governments’ support for Iraq in the Security Council.