The Head of Arab Department Participates in Third Session of Arab-Indian Cooperation Forum

The Head of the Arab Department, Mr. Osama Mahdi Ghanem participated in the third session of Arab-Indian Cooperation Forum through video conference technology, and delivered the speech of Iraq wishing success for the efforts to strengthen Arab-Indian relations, especially in light of the exceptional circumstances facing the whole world as a result of the repercussions of the Corona virus pandemic, thanking the Republic of India for its relentless effort to communicate and strengthen its relations with the Arab region in the service of the interests of our peoples.

The head of the Arab Department referred to the role that the League of Arab States plays, represented by its Secretary General, Mr. Ahmed Aboul Gheit in investing and strengthening Arab-Indian relations, noting Iraq’s endeavor to solve problems, crises and issues of common concern and affirmed Iraq’s interest in the decisions and charters issued by this forum and looks forward to implementing them.

Pointing out that Iraqi-Indian relations are characterized by friendship and continuous strategic cooperation through long stages of time.

He also stated that Iraq looks forward to more cooperation with the Indian side in several fields, including combating terrorism, and encouraging investment companies to enter the Iraqi market, revealing that the government is working hard to provide safe legislative frameworks for investments.

Mr. Usama also referred  to the security challenges and dangerous regional developments in the Arab region, in which Iraq seeks to find a common ground for understanding, dialogue and peaceful resolution of disputes in accordance with the United Nations Charter, and the principles of international law in a way that supports security and stability in conflict and crisis areas, indicating that Iraq does not support directions and plans aimed at raising the state of tension in the region, and that the concerned countries bordering the Arabian Gulf are able to protect the security of navigation and secure the flow of energy supplies, and in this context we congratulate the Gulf Cooperation Council for the success of the summit meeting, and welcome the restoration of relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Qatar to its natural framework, and we highly value the efforts and endeavors of the State of Kuwait in this regard, which led to a comprehensive reconciliation between the two sides.

He also pointed to the events taking place on the Palestinian arena that make it imperative for us and the international community to strive to implement the relevant Security Council resolutions, alleviate the suffering of the brotherly Palestinian people, and affirm their right to live in dignity in an independent state with AlQuds  AlShareef as its capital.

The head of the Arab Department concluded his speech by stating we wish our meeting success in advancing Arab-Indian relations to more cooperation in all fields in order to achieve the well-being of our friendly peoples.