The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq in Amman Visits Cemetery of Iraqi Martyrs in Mafraq on Occasion of Centenary of Establishment of the Army

The Ambassador of Iraq in Amman Mr. Haider Al-Athari visited the cemetery of the Iraqi army martyrs in the city of Mafraq on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi army.

In a speech delivered in the presence of a number of retired Iraqi military commanders, Ambassador  Al-Athari stated that since the army’s establishment it has made heroic and great sacrifices in defense of Iraq and the Arab nation, especially the Palestinian cause, adding that there are remains of the heroes of the Iraqi army including leaders, officers and soldiers in the Kingdom of Jordan and sisterly Palestine which makes us proud of the Iraqi military establishment, which has always been a source of strength for Iraq and the brotherly Arab countries.

The Ambassador placed a wreath of flowers at the martyrs’ memorial and the ceremony was attended by the assistant commander of the central region in the Jordanian Arab Army, Brigadier General Mahmoud Abdullah Al-Maharmeh, the representative of the Iraqi community in the Kingdom, Dr. Muhammad Al-Baldawi, and several people of the city of Mafraq.