The Embassy of Republic of Iraq in Beirut Monitors Situation of Iraqi Citizens Stranded in Lebanon

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Beirut is following up the conditions of Iraqi citizens stranded in Lebanon who wish to return to Iraq after the flights between the two countries were stopped due to the Coronavirus pandemic, especially the patients receiving treatment in Lebanese hospitals, the embassy confirms that they obtained the initial approval by the Lebanese government to land an Iraqi plane in Lebanon to bring back citizens to Iraq, and the embassy also confirms that it is in continuous contact with the crisis cell formed in the Foreign Ministry and the crisis cell in the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Transport to expedite the issuance of the necessary approvals.

The embassy stated that five days before the flights stopped between the two countries, it issued a statement calling on the Iraqis in Lebanon to pay attention to this exceptional circumstance.

The embassy also wishes to point out that the Iraqi Airways office in Beirut has started registering names and preparing the required regulations in preparation to provide tickets for Iraqis stranded in Lebanon in the hope that the Iraqi Ministry of Transport and the central crisis cell will send the plane soon, and that the Iraqis can contact the Iraqi Airways office located in the Ramlet Al Bayda area from 9 am to 3 pm, or call them on 01789901.