The Embassy of Republic of Iraq in The Hague Intensifies Efforts to Follow Up Conditions of Iraqi Community

The Iraqi embassy in The Hague during these exceptional circumstances intensified its communication with the Iraqi community members to follow up their conditions and took several measures that contribute to raising awareness of the dangers of Coronavirus, and its prevention despite the fact that no cases have been reported so far among the Iraqi community.

The embassy in coordination with the director of the Office of Iraqi Airways in Germany, and under the direction of Ambassador Dr. Hisham Al-Alawi, has embarked on organizing a special flight to evacuate citizens in response to requests received from a number of students and scholars delegated to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and some stranded visitors wishing to return to Iraq, the embassy is working to obtain the necessary approvals from the Dutch authorities.

The embassy assigned hotlines to respond to emergency situations, facilitate communication with citizens, and answer their inquiries.

The embassy will coordinate with the embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to facilitate the return of the Dutch citizens of Iraqi origin who are currently in Iraq to the Netherlands.