First Extraordinary Flights of Iraqi Airways Departs to Return Iraqi Citizens from Arab Republic of Egypt

A flight departed, today, Tuesday afternoon, from Cairo International Airport to Baghdad as the first exceptional flight of Iraqi Airways, with (263) Iraqi patients and tourist groups stranded in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Cairo continues to receive requests from those who have entered Egypt for the purpose of tourism, as well as those who came to seek treatment, who wish to return to the homeland.

The Iraqi embassy, ​​according to the approval of the Diwan Committee (55) for the year 2020, announced in a statement on Sunday, its intention and in coordination with the crisis cell formed from the Iraqi Foreign Ministry and the rest of the concerned ministries and the Iraqi Airways office in Cairo, and in conjunction with the repercussions of the Coronavirus crisis, the Iraqi Airways conducting the first exceptional trip to return Iraqi patients and tourist groups stranded in the Arab Republic of Egypt to Baghdad, after cooperation with the relevant Egyptian authorities, stressing that this comes in the framework of the Iraqi state’s interest in its citizens abroad, and its efforts to solve the crisis.

Dr. Ahmed Nayef Al-Dulaimi, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Cairo and the permanent representative to the League of Arab States, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the continuous cooperation and coordination with the Egyptian authorities, and for the speedy response to conduct these flights, noting that preparations were also made to conduct another extraordinary flight tomorrow Wednesday.