Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman Dr. Ahmed Al-Sahaf

The Foreign Ministry sent a complaint with two identical letters to the United Nations and the Security Council regarding the US bombing of the Iraqi forces.

The Foreign Ministry described the US bombing in this complaint as a hostile act, and a flagrant violation of the conditions for the presence of US forces in Iraq.

The complaint confirmed that any attacks, or military actions in Iraqi territory without the approval of the Iraqi government are considered provocative.

Iraq confirmed in the complaint that the presence of these forces on Iraqi soil is to provide assistance in the field of military training, counseling, and armament to fight Da’esh terrorist organization .

Iraq called on the Security Council to take its responsibility by preventing the United States from committing such unlawful acts, and holding them fully responsible for human losses and infrastructures.

The US invoke that this is self-defense bombing is to evade international responsibility; it is without legal basis.