Press Statement

The Foreign Ministry expresses its rejection and condemnation of the violation of the sovereignty of Iraq by the US forces through the bombing of the headquarters of the Military , police, and the Popular Mobilization Forces which are Iraqi national forces that defended Iraq and its unity and have fought valiantly, and stopped the expansion of Da’esh to the countries of the region, and the world.

The US forces also bombed a civilian airport under construction in Karbala, a city that is widely respected and revered in the conscience of the Iraqi people, causing the death of several civilians, wounding others, as well as the material damage caused by the bombing.

The Foreign Ministry considers that this breach will worsen the security situation at a time when there is need to mobilize efforts to pursue the remnants of the Da’esh terrorist gangs to establish security and stabilize the situation and contradicts the nature of the agreement between Iraq and the Global Coalition that is supposed to stand with Iraq in its war against terrorism.

The US Ambassador Mr. Matthew Tueller was summoned by Foreign Ministry Senior Undersecretary Mr. Abdul Karim Hashem Mustafa at the Foreign Ministry today Friday March 13th , in which he was informed of the above and submitted a memorandum of protest, and was informed that the Iraqi government will submit a complaint to the Security Council the UN Secretary-General and will communicate the complaint to all member states of the United Nations.

Iraq’s delegate to the United Nations will deliver two identical letters to the United Nations Secretary-General and the UN Security Council. The British Ambassador to Iraq was also received and informed of the above and the measures that Iraq intends to take regarding the recent US aggression.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry