Press Statement

The Foreign Ministry participated in the extradition of (112) children of Da’esh terrorist group of Azerbaijani nationality who were with their mothers that were sentenced to prison by the Iraqi judiciary for their affiliation with Da’esh.

This comes within the framework of the efforts exerted by the competent Iraqi authorities to end the file of Da’esh and their families.
As far as the Ministry is concerned, we have had continuous coordination and cooperation with the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry and its Embassy in Baghdad in this regard.
The deportation took place in the presence of a representative of the Supreme Judicial Council, representatives of the Azerbaijani Embassy, ​​and a representative from the Protocol Department in our Ministry.

With the deportation of this group of children, the total number reaches 940 children of different nationalities, of whom (248) are Azerbaijani children.
In this context, the Foreign Ministry renews its invitation to all countries who have nationals of children who are sentenced or whose term has ended in coordination with the Foreign Ministry through our embassies located throughout the world, for the purpose of receiving them.

Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman
Dr. Ahmed Al-Sahaf