Press Statement 

The Foreign Ministry expresses its condemnation of any security violations against the interests of friendly countries, or its security and military sites located in Iraq, including, the bombing of the Taji base that includes trainers and advisers within the Global Coalition forces to provide support to our security forces and claimed the lives of three members of the coalition forces and wounded several others.

The Ministry considers that this bombing is a hostile act that undermines counter-terrorism efforts, and gives way to Da’esh terrorists gangs to return, and to carry out terrorist acts that harm the security of citizens. The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces directed to open an immediate investigation to find out the parties that carried out this dangerous and hostile act, and to prosecute, arrest and present them to the judiciary system.

The Foreign Ministry also confirms that it is following with the security authorities responsible for the investigation to find out who caused this attack. As we renew our rejection and condemnation of these actions, we stress that Iraq is continuing its efforts to combat terrorism, eradicate its remnants, and confront all threats to security.

Iraqi Foreign Ministry