Press Statement

The Foreign Ministry followed with great interest the details of the painful traffic accident that Iraqi tourists suffered on the outskirts of Damascus, which resulted in the death of 18, and the injury of 19 in two hospitals in Damascus.

As soon as the Ministry was informed of the incident, Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim directed our embassy in Damascus to follow up on the incident, and provide urgent assistance.

On its part, the embassy formed a team, and made contact with the competent Syrian authorities to find out the circumstances of the accident, and transport the injured and victims to hospitals.

The Minister’s directive was to transport the injured via a private plane to Iraq to receive treatment after their condition was stable, and to provide embalming boxes to preserve the bodies of the deceased and transport them by plane to Baghdad at the expense of the Foreign Ministry.

The embassy is also currently following up with the relevant official authorities in Syria to conduct investigations, issuing final reports in this regard to establish the right to prosecute the perpetrator, as well as issuing death certificates to victims.

Foreign Ministry Official Spokesman

Dr. Ahmed Al-Sahaf