Press Release

The Foreign Ministry expresses its most vigorous rejection, and its condemnation of the aggression that targeted Embassy of the United States ​​with Katyusha rockets.

While the Ministry stresses its denouncement of this violent and legally and customary condemned act, it affirms that it is most keen to preserve the sanctity of all diplomatic missions working in Iraq, that comes in compliance with the provisions of the Vienna Agreement to regulate the diplomatic relations between world countries, and out of concern for the interests of bilateral relations, and looking after maintaining the mutual interests of all.

Iraq stresses that such actions will not affect the level of strategic relations between Baghdad and Washington, which are witnessing an improvement in the way of achieving the aspirations of the two friendly peoples, and that the relevant security authorities have initiated investigative procedures to detect the perpetrators and bring them to justice to prevent the recurrence of such violations that could lead Iraq to be a battleground for foreign parties.