A Delegation from Consulate General in Manchester Visits Glasgow to Provide Consular Services to Iraqi Community

The Consul General in Manchester  Mr.  Ihsan Allawi met with the Governor of Glasgow Mr. Phlip Braat, the Ambassador of Afghanistan, the Japanese consul general and a number of members of the Scottish parliament based on an invitation sent to him during his visit to Scotland. The role of the Iraqi community was discussed and their role in enhancing communication with the Scottish community as there are large numbers of Iraqi community in Scotland.

On his part, the governor of the city of Glasgow praised the role of the Iraqi community, as well as the presence of many influential Iraqi figures especially in Scotland.

The delegation of the Consulate General in Manchester visited Glasgow to provide consular services to the community members, especially the elderly and people with special needs who are unable to travel to the consulate headquarters in Manchester, and the visit lasted for two consecutive days in which a large number of consular transactions were completed, and solving many of the problems facing our honorable community there.

 On their part, the community members expressed their thanks, gratitude and appreciation, especially for the efforts of the consular delegation, which saved them the costs and trouble of traveling.