The Foreign Minister Meets Qatari Deputy Prime and Foreign Minister

   Foreign Minister Mr. Mohammad A. Alhakim met with the Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Thani, the two sides stressed the need to strengthen bilateral relations and advance them to serve the interests of the peoples of the two brotherly countries. They also discussed the most important regional and international issues of common concern.

The two Ministers stressed the importance of respecting the sovereignty of Iraq, and the absolute refusal to turn it into an arena for conflict, and the need to keep it away from regional conflicts and bias policy, stressing the need to rebuild liberated areas in order to complete the victory against terrorism.

Minister Alhakim expressed his rejection and condemnation of the attacks that targeted the Iraqi territories because of their blatant violation of sovereignty, threat to the safety of citizens, and a violation of the provisions of international law.

The two Ministers agreed to work to reduce tension in the region between Tehran and Washington, and to spare the region the threat of wars,  warning that any escalation in the region would enhance the ability of terrorists to reorganize their remnants, undermine the efforts of the international community in combating Da’esh terrorist organization, threaten to fuel further conflicts in the region, and worsen humanitarian crises.

The meeting included discussing the situation in Syria, Libya and Yemen. Minister Alhakim clarified the official position of Iraq based on respecting the sovereignty of states, non-interference in internal affairs, support initiatives that lead to peaceful solutions to regional issues, and spare the peoples risks and disasters of military solutions.

The two sides also touched on the security of navigation and securing energy supplies in the Gulf region, and in this context the minister assured that Iraq does not support projects and initiatives that lead to an increase in tension in the region, and that the countries bordering the Gulf are able to protect the security of navigation and secure the flow of energy supplies.

On the Iraqi position on the crisis between Qatar and some Gulf countries, Minister Alhakim called on the concerned countries to solve the problems through diplomatic means, calmness and to give priority to dialogue away from escalation, and support the Kuwaiti initiative.