The Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to Brussels Meets Secretary General of NATO

The Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Brussels,Mr.  Sadiq Al-Rikabi, met with NATO Secretary General Mr. Jens Stoltenberg, to discuss the latest developments in bilateral relations and developments in the Middle East region, especially the recent events in Iraq.

Ambassador A-Rikabi stated that Iraq rejects the violations and attacks that took place on its lands, and considers it a flagrant violation of its sovereignty, international laws and norms, explaining that Iraq continues to cooperate with international partners to reduce escalation and tension between the United States and Iran.

On his part, the Secretary General of NATO expressed NATO’s respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and its cooperation with the international community in combating terrorism and achieving international peace and security.The two sides also discussed the work of the NATO mission in Iraq, and how to continue cooperation between the two sides in the light of the Iraqi government’s decision to require member states in the international coalition against Daesh to withdraw their forces present in Iraq, noting the importance of increased communication in order to develop a new program of action that accommodates the developments in the situation in Iraq and the region.