Foreign Minister Receives Turkish Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Mr. Mohamad A. Alhakim received his Turkish counterpart, Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşolu

The two sides held talks centered on bilateral relations and ways of strengthening them to serve the interests of the two friendly countries in addition to discussing regional issues of concern to both countries.

Minister Alhakim stressed the importance of respecting the sovereignty of Iraq by all parties, and working to support Iraq’s efforts to be a factor of stability and harmony in the region and the world, and not to allow the conflict to spread to its lands, or to use it as an arena for disputes.

Minister Alhakim stressed his rejection and condemnation of the attacks on targets inside Iraqi lands, as these attacks represent a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the Republic of Iraq, the safety of its people and a violation to the provisions of international law, stressing the need for Turkish forces to leave Iraq.

  The two sides agreed to work to reduce the tension in the region between Iran and the United States of America to spare the region the danger of any destructive war in which there is no winner, but will have repercussions that extend to the whole world.

Minister Alhakim warned that any escalation in the region will enhance the ability of terrorists to reorganize their remnants, undermine the efforts of the international community in combating Da’esh terrorist organisation, threaten to ignite more conflicts in the region, exacerbate humanitarian crises, and increase the suffering of their people.

  Minister Alhakim added “We agreed on the need to strengthen cooperation in the field of combating terrorism, and not to allow the return of Da’esh terrorist organization and cooperate on the issue of foreign fighters, and to bring them to justice.

  On the regional issue, they discussed the situation in Syria and Libya, revealing Iraq’s position to respect the sovereignty of states and not to interfere in its internal affairs.