Press Statement

The Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the bombing of the Headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces brigade by the US forces, which we view as a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Iraq, and a condemned act, which is rejected by all customs and laws that govern relations between states.
In this regard we reaffirm that the Popular Mobilization forces are an Iraqi national force that have an effective impact on the defense of Iraq and its unity, and fought with dedication and courage Da’esh terrorist organisation and stopped its extension , protected the country from its evil,and is part of the Iraqi armed forces that is commanded by the orders of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.
We also stress that Iraq is an independent country, and its internal security is of priority and great interest and will not be allowed to be a battlefield, a passage to carry out attacks, or to use its lands to harm neighboring countries.
The US Ambassador in Baghdad will be summoned to inform him of the above, and the European partners in the Global Coalition to Defeat Da’esh will be consulted with to come out with a unified position regarding the mechanisms of work and the future presence of the Global Coalition in Iraq.

May God grant mercy to the martyrs, and grant them Paradise , and may those wounded recover quickly.

Foreign Ministry / Baghdad