Press Statement

The Foreign Ministry summoned the US Ambassador to Baghdad Mr. Matthew Tueller who met the senior Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Mr. Abdul Karim Hashim Mustafa on the background of the air strikes on the Iraqi forces in Qaim which resulted in casualties between martyr and wounded, as well as an air strike on Iraqi military high-level leaders and friend targeted with their escorts in the Iraqi territories, which resulted in the martyrdom of the deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Commission , the martyr Mr. Jamal Jaafar Muhammad (Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis), along with Iraqi martyrs and friends.
      The Senior Undersecretary affirmed Iraq’s condemnation of this act, which represents a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Iraq and all international norms and laws that regulate relations between countries, and prevent the use of its lands to carry out attacks on neighboring countries, and stressed that the attacks violate the agreed upon tasks of the Global Coalition that is limited to combating Da’esh terrorist organization and training Iraqi security forces, in coordination with the Iraqi government and its supervision .
      The Foreign Ministry considers these illegal military operations carried out by the United States to be an attack and a condemned act that is causing tension to escalate in the region at a time when the US administration should cooperate with Iraq in reducing security tension and resolving the crises that afflict the region.
Foreign Ministry /Baghdad