The Permanent Representative of Republic of Iraq to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Holds Meetings with Regional and National Office of the Organization in Baghdad and Cairo

Ambassador Safia Al-Suhail, Permanent Representative of Republic of Iraq to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Vice President of the Near East Group, held two virtual working meetings with the Deputy Regional Director of the Organization (FAO) in Cairo, Mr. Serge Nakouzi, and the Director of the Organization’s office in Baghdad Dr. Salah Hajj Hassan.

During the two meetings, the Ambassador discussed the means of joint coordination and cooperation with the regional and national offices for the purpose of implementing the organization’s future plans in a way that serves the interests of Iraq, in addition to the implemented projects and future plans and effective mechanisms for coordination and cooperation for the diplomatic staff of the delegation and enhancing its technical information.

The organization implements many programs and projects in Iraq in cooperation with the relevant ministries, including planning, agriculture, water resources, health, environment and local administrations, among which is the project (Improving Agricultural Water Resources Management, Sustainable Land Management (PPG), supporting small farmers through agricultural income and cash in exchange for work, and the rehabilitation of groundwater pumping systems with solar energy in liberated areas.