The Foreign Minister Receives a Phone Call from Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kingdom of Sweden

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein received a phone call from the Kingdom of Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ms. Anne Linde.

The two sides discussed the need to strengthen bilateral relations and develop them to meet the aspirations of the two friendly peoples.

Minister Fuad Hussein praised the support provided by the Kingdom of Sweden to the Iraqi community, the role of Swedish humanitarian organizations in providing relief, and support for Iraq in facing Da’esh terrorist organization and stressed the importance of continuing support within the Global Coalition until the elimination of those terrorist groups.

The Minister stated that the Iraqi government is continuing to achieve reform and fight corruption, indicating that the new economic policy of Iraq will be based on the diversity of sources, and insufficient with oil imports.
Minister Fuad Hussein noted that the Iraqi government is seeking to impose the power of the state and the rule of law, respond to the popular demands expressed by the demonstrations, and complete the requirements for holding free and fair elections next year, adding that Iraq has sent a message to the Security Council to provide support and send observers to conduct the elections on time.

The two Ministers also discussed several regional and international issues of common concern, stressing the need to work to reduce tension and achieve calmness in the region, and to avoid escalation that will not serve any party.

The two sides discussed the decision to withdraw US forces from Iraq and reduce the number of forces to 2,500 early next year, and the Minister called for expanding NATO training of forces in Iraq.

On her part, the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs confirmed that her government stands by Iraq, and its willingness to provide support in all areas, noting the escalation of cases of Corona virus and that Sweden will start taking vaccines at the end of this year from 6 foreign companies.

The two Ministers also touched on the issue of Iraqi immigrants and those that are illegally in Sweden, and other European countries, and the means that can be followed to address this problem.