Foreign Minister Affirms Iraq’s Aspiration to Increase Pace of Bilateral Cooperation with Manama at Various Levels

Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein met with his Bahraini counterpart, Mr. Abdul Latif Al-Zayani.

Minister Fuad Hussein stressed the importance of strengthening the aspects of bilateral relations by diversifying the frameworks for consultations in a way that contributes to achieving the aspirations of Baghdad and Manama, and raising the pace of bilateral cooperation and the ongoing efforts on the various political, economic, health and developmental levels for the benefit of both countries.

The Minister called for the importance of holding joint committee meetings, and activating the memorandum of understanding in political consultations.

Minister Fuad Hussein stated that national security is related to the security of the region, and its repercussions are reflected in the region. In the context of further consolidating bilateral relations, the Minister expressed Iraq’s readiness to raise the level of diplomatic representation and to overcome all obstacles, calling for fruitful bilateral cooperation in international forums.

Minister Fuad Hussein also stressed the importance of re-examining the technical agreements concluded between the two countries on education, tourism and investment within the framework of activating joint cooperation between the two countries.

Minister Fuad Hussein Indicated that Iraq is pursuing a policy of balance in its relations, especially with neighboring countries, and its positions on regional issues, stressing that the Iraqi government is looking forward to building the best established strategic relations with the Gulf states in accordance with the principle of activating common interests.

Minister Fuad Hussein revealed that the government tends to create an attractive environment for investment and provide ways to develop promising investment opportunities, adding that we are working to strengthen the agricultural sector, and religious and archaeological tourism.

Minister Fuad Hussein stated that Iraq is a sovereign country that is independent of any external influences, and no forces are allowed to interfere in its internal affairs, and the Minister affirmed that Iraq refuses to make its lands a starting point for actions that harm neighboring countries, or any other state.

Regarding his participation in the IISS Manama Dialogue Minister Fuad Hussein stated that “ Our presence in the forum is evidence of Iraq’s interest, and keenness on the continuation of high-level communication between the two countries.”

On his part, Mr. Abdul Latif Al-Zayani, the Bahraini Foreign Minister affirmed the Kingdom’s interest, and the King’s affirmation of strengthening relations with Iraq, stating thar Iraq is in our hearts, and pointed to his country’s interest in the stability of the security situation in Iraq because of its positive impact on stability in the region, indicating that Iraq’s security is our security, and its unity and prosperity concern us, and also noted that we are interested in seeing a prosperous Iraq, and we are interested in building bridges of cooperation in various fields.

On the subject of the electrical connection between Iraq and the Gulf Cooperation Council, Mr. Al-Zayani affirmed that his country will assume the presidency of the Cooperation Council next month, stating that “We will support Iraq with its brothers in the Gulf, and we will activate the memorandum of understanding concluded between our two countries, and will work to raise the level of bilateral cooperation.”