Foreign Minister Chairs Consultative Meeting on Internally Displaced Persons and Affirms Providing Support to Specialized International Agencies and Organizations and Removing Obstacles that Hinder Ways to Empower them.

 Foreign Minister Mr. Fuad Hussein, chaired a consultative meeting on internally displaced persons, in the presence of Ali, Minister of Planning, Mr. Khaled Battal, Minister of Immigration and Displacement Ms. Evan Faiq, Minister of Interior in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Mr. Rabeir Ahmed, and Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations for Humanitarian Affairs, Ms. Ms. Irena Vojáčková.

At the beginning of the meeting, Minister Fuad Hussein conveyed the thanks of the Iraqi government and people for the generous efforts made by all parties to support the internally displaced in Iraq, as a result of terrorist acts that targeted its security and led to the forced displacement of large numbers of its citizens.

The consultative meeting was attended by representatives of 14 countries, and directors of the specialized international agencies concerned with refugee affairs. In a speech delivered by Minister Fuad Hussein he affirmed that the safe return of the displaced to their cities and providing the best means to achieve this goal is a priority for the Iraqi government, which is working on it seriously and considerately.

The Minister also indicated that the spread of the Corona virus pandemic imposed new restrictions not only on Iraq but on the countries of the world and noted that new obstacles appeared undermining the efforts of the Iraqi government to return the displaced, which caused concern among the government and its partners from donor countries and relevant international organizations concerning the humanitarian conditions of the displaced.

The Minister also reiterated the commitment of the Iraqi government to provide the possible support to the specialized international organizations and agencies concerned with supporting the displaced.

During the meeting, reports and indicators were presented by representatives of international organizations and agencies concerned with the conditions of the displaced and the most important means and ways to support them.